Financing and Leasing

Lease Dealz offers affordable purchase options with No Credit Needed leasing from Acima Credit. Get the furniture and electronics you really want for just a low initial payment. 

Flexible payment options:

90 Day Payment Option (0-90 days): Customer pays invoice and the $70 initial payment within 90 days of delivery date

Early Payment Option (91-364 days): Customer pays 65%* of remaining full 12 month term balance

12 Month Max Lease: Customer pays lease for full 12 months


  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Routing and accounting numbers for an open and active checking account
  • Valid Social Security, ITIN Number, or Green Card (must be resident of U.S.)
  • Credit or debit card

What is the interest rate?

This is a lease-to-own program, not a credit transaction. Thus, no interest is charged. The cost of the lease is disclosed in the terms of the agreement.